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Waitress loses job at Brixx Pizza in Charlotte, NC over Facebook post – from Well Done Fillet

From across the pond, a story about a waitress in a pizza parlor losing her job at Brixx Pizza in Charlotte, NC (not the savviest of operations from a PR standpoint) – thanks to our British War Correspondent Manuel for this one:

Oh dear indeed…

Just a reminder:

Perhaps I should go back and add a section on actually posting comments on Facebook. I talked about promoting your blog on FB, but didn’t cover this specific instance. Until I do, take this lesson to heart. Remember, there is a difference between dissing a guest over drinks after work and dissing them on a network shared by 200 gazillion people. At least you can be comforted by the fact that your new Chinese overlords will probably never see it, plus, for now, you’re safe in Pakistan.

PS, if you haven’t noticed, Well Done Fillet is permalinked in Ye Ole Blogroll. When you go there, you have to click the above graphic as he has recently moved his blog from point A to point B. You should visit him…alot.

PPS, if you live in Charlotte, you might want to consider whether Brixx Pizza is the sort of place that you’d like to patronize.

2 responses to “Waitress loses job at Brixx Pizza in Charlotte, NC over Facebook post – from Well Done Fillet

  1. tipsfortips May 22, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    It’s the way things are going. A waitress here in KC was fired from Capital Grill for the same thing. I was recently informed of an addendum to the training manual I had to sign regarding online activities. They haven’t provided me a copy, but I will walk before I let them shut down the blog.

    In response when an article was written about the blog in the local paper, I kept the name of the restaurant out of it. It probably would have been good for their reputation and driven a little business their way, If they are going to limit what I say, they get none of the benefits either.

    My logic is this, if they want to limit what we say, they receive no marketing assistance from me. I won’t join the facebook group. I won’t post a status about their great happy hour. They want to limit what we do in social networking, but expect us to want to help them harness it. I don’t buy into their double standard and would encourage others to follow suit.

  2. Marta Daniels May 25, 2010 at 9:04 am

    I feel for the waitress, however, I think she exercised poor judgement. I have never and will never disclose my place of employment, at least until my bestselling author-ness kicks in and I quit, lol!

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