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Lull in the action

For those of you who have gotten used to my voluminous posting habits, I can reassure you – I’m very much still around.

It seems as if many in the restaurant blogging world have been taking a bit of a break lately. It could be coincidence or just a defense mechanism to deal with putting experiences to paper (so to speak). It could just be the season. It is Spring after all.

In my case, it’s been a confluence of things – switching phone services, wanting to have a blog shelf life of more than 15 minutes, avoiding redundancy, and, most importantly, simply losing the plot a few weeks back and not getting back to the rhythm of the two to three daily posts that I used to inflict on you.

Oh yeah, there was this little thing of a flood in my city. I personally wasn’t flooded, but Nashville took a kick in the groin and we are just now re-catching our collective breaths.

Rest assured – there are plenty of culinary books to highlight, waiter’s terms to explain, news to aggregate, and funny stuff to make fun of. I will roll these things out in good time. In the meantime, I hope that you’re taking this lull to visit the dusty archives. There is a lot, and I mean a lot, of content and much useful information hidden in the excessive verbiage. You might find some of your questions answered, especially if you’re new to the waiting tables game.

So, bear with me while I get my mojo back…


One response to “Lull in the action

  1. Marta Daniels May 25, 2010 at 9:06 am

    Its the time of the year. We all get a brief surge of intense activity (Mother’s Day, graduation season and such) and then the restaurant industry goes into a coma, so we have very little to complain- I mean write about beyond how slow it is! Lol! God bless and hang in there, hope you manage to make some money this summer!

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