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Clarification on Robert Pattinson

Well, my view count has gone through the roof.

And the main reason is the renewed interest in one Robert Pattinson, whom I assume is some sort of BP official or something.

Nah, only kidding…I know who young Rob is.

A few months back, it was reported by Perez Hilton that R. Pattinson didn’t really tip very good. I commented on the article by saying that he didn’t exactly stiff his waiter, but he was a little short of 15%. Not really a hanging offense.

One of my points was that, as a rich celebrity, it’s probably better to be more generous than less generous when dining out. It’s probably harder for a Brit to learn that lesson, since tipping is less important to a waiter’s salary in the UK due to service charges being added to the check a lot of the time. When the British come to the States, they are notorious for not grasping the economic model that the American dining scene is built on (we see mostly 5 – 10% tips from British tourists, some of whom I’m sure know better). BTW, Brits, treat your own waiters better. C’mon, can’t you prise out a few extra bob for your waiter?

So, in that respect,  young Bob did better than the average.

No, my issue wasn’t so much with RP but with the legions of the clueless that decided to weigh in. I was astounded that so many young people here in the US really didn’t know how to tip, or made up their own rules, or were hostile to the idea that tipping is part of dining out, and has been since long before I was a young fanboy of people like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Joey Heatherton and Emma Peel.

In the past few days, I have hit new highs in page views. Off the chart highs in fact. So high that the chart has had to be redrawn.

Oddly enough, for all of those thousands and thousands of views, I’ve only had one comment (I had a couple when the post first appeared). so I have no idea what the takeaway from the post was, other than one dude thinks I was being mean.

So, I just want to make sure that all of the hyperheated Robert P. fans understand that the title of the post, “Apparently, some people just aren’t being raised right” doesn’t refer to Count Dreamy.

If you want to see what all of the fuss is about, go here:

Ironically, when I did a search of “Robert Pattinson”, my post doesn’t come up in the first few pages, either as a web search or a blog search.  So that’s odd that I’m getting so much play from Robert Pattinson as a search term.

Anyway, I thought that it was interesting.

2 responses to “Clarification on Robert Pattinson

  1. Marta Daniels June 15, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    I completely agree with you! I did a post called “You’re Famous? Really?Then Tip Like It!” ( ) and it just boggles my mind that celebrities want all this attention for being fabulous, but they don’t feel the need to leave a fabulous tip. I recently read that Venus and Serena William went out with a few friends, racked up a $600 tab, and then left the poor server $50. Less than 10%! My friends and I are flat-broke nobodies and we would have hustled up a BARE MINIMUM of $100!! Some of these celebrities are spoiled brats.

    • teleburst June 15, 2010 at 10:03 pm

      Marta, I read that and I had to chuckle at News Guy and his pompousness.

      I’m around celebs all of the time these days (it’s almost every day actually) and thankfully, most of them know how to tip, and are not really snotty about their status either. I’ve waited on two people who have run for president, our current governor and current mayor (as well as the previous one, and the last 3 previous govenors for that matter), several of the top media people, not to mention countless famous musicians, some actors (one of them you see on a lot on ATT commercials right now and another was quite the stud on Hill Street Blues – I actually waited on them at separate tables at the same time a year ago this month because one was presenting at the CMA Awards and the other was driving back home from Bonnaroo), very famous professional wrestlers, lots of NFL players, a famous writer or two and even the actual mathemetician that the movie “A Beautiful Mind” was based on (not in my current restaurant but in a previous one) Heck, I even waited on a Senator who was on the Watergate committee (two if you count a recent Senator who was one of those guys who ran for president).

      Very seldom has a “famous person” ever tipped less than 20%. Very seldom has a famous person ever acted really stuck up, although there are two celebrities that come in quite a bit that will cause a huge buzz in the room merely by their presence (and they end up being gracious enough to let people bother them while they’re dining and they’ll get their picture taken with anyone).

      I think the reason why celebrities like our place is that we don’t make too much of a fuss over them, plus we’ll protect their privacy if necessary. We don’t get starstruck too often and I think that makes it a good environment for celebs. That’s partially because, no matter how famous or notorious someone is, we’ve dealt with someone with even MORE cachet at one point or another. That doesn’t mean that we don’t get a little excited, especially when it’s someone we haven’t seen before.

      So give your celebrities a chance. Most of them will do the right thing.

      Notice that I said “Most of them”. Turns out that they’re just like everyone else – some of them are clueless.

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