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New link added – The Bitchy Waiter

It’s been a while since I added a link. It hasn’t been on purpose. Some of the links that I’ve intended to add have been dormant for months. Some of the sites just haven’t compelled me to add them, but that might be as much my fault as any fault in the content. Mostly, it’s just been the general sense of inertia and ennui.

The name of this blog says it all. However, this isn’t just another waiter bitch site. There’s plenty of bitching about other aspects of life.

It’s witty, well-written and there’s usually a point to whatever carping might or might not be going on. I think that my readers will enjoy it to the max, so make sure you not only check it out, but subscribe or bookmark it.

Let’s welcome The Bitchy Waiter with a hardy, “Really”? (Fans of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update will get this reference). We’ll raise a glass of bitter tears as well.

Look for the link in Ye Olde Blogroll shortly.

Picture found at

this is a great site called “Freaking News” and is paert of their Photoshop contest. If you are a Photoshop wizard, you might want to sign up.

BTW, the fact that the Queen is pictured as a waiter is not intended to reflect on the author of The Bitchy Waiter. I just found it funny. Also, apologies in advance to any Royalists that might be reading this.


One response to “New link added – The Bitchy Waiter

  1. homme juste mode July 20, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    Merci pour l’information. Je viens d’allumer le web et je tombe sur ton blog qui me donne complètement sur le sujet de la mode que j’ai besoin. Continue comme ça, c’est un kif de te lire. Au fait c’est toi qui a fait le style de ton blog ? Très beau

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