So You Want To Be A Waiter

The best book on waiting tables that you have never read – yet

New link added – Tip20!

The exclamation point is theirs, not mine.

Tip20! is a sefvice industry, ad-intensive advocacy site. There’s a front of the house, back of the house, managers, bartenters and consumers plus an area for Shoes For Crews, and a couple of generic ad aggregation pages. The BoH tab is useful if you want to keep up with the National Food Days (did you know that today is National Jelly Bean Day?) I wish that there was more about actual BoH issues. the same goes for the bartender, manager and consumer areas. Most of the posts are shared with all.

The content is weighed heavily toward waiters. There is information about IRS issues, justification for tipping, and passalong articles like the one that I highlighted in my previous post.

It’s a useful site that all waiters can benefit from. I’d like to see a lot more depth, because you can get all of the information you need from just a couple of visits. But, other than that, and the preponderance of advertising, I recommend this site and welcome it to my blogroll. Let’s all sip a Shoes For Crews slipperful of champaigne and raise our shoes to Tip20! Welcome.


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