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GOP Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer pisses off the gays as well as tipped employees

I had a go at Emmer recently regarding his advocacy of messing with the tip credit arrangement in Minnesota.

Why am I not surprised that he’s going after gays as well?

Actually the linked article is more about gays being pissed at Target for donating $150,000 to a right-wing organization supporting Emmer. As far as I’m concerned, Target gives lots of money to community organizations and if they choose to donate to some aggressive right-wing group, then they’re big boys (and girls) and can take the heat.

I was hoping that his stand on tipped employees cost him the election. If gays being pissed at him helps, then I’m all for it.

I hope the people of Minnesota are more Franken than Emmer. You folks deserve better than this right-wing, stole-Newt-Gingrich’s-barber, hate-mongering, business-lackey panderer. Of course, if he becomes governor, then he can be “straight man” to Franken (in every sense of the word.

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Both images taken from the blog Tildõlogy:

4 responses to “GOP Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer pisses off the gays as well as tipped employees

  1. tipsfortips August 2, 2010 at 8:30 am

    I’ve been beating on Emmer pretty hard lately. Here is my most recent post on the jerk.

    I also went through and pulled out all the restaurant owners in MN who donated to him before and after his statement. That list can be found here.

    We have to stay on this guy. He is way down in the polls, but let’s keep this fresh in people’s minds until election day.

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