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Restaurants go to the dogs in Nashville

In a new trend, restaurants are allowing dogs to accompany their owners on selected restaurant  patios in Nashville. This isn’t a new thing for me to experience, as it’s quite common in Europe for patrons to bring their dogs with them in restaurants. It’s probably even pretty common to have al fresco Fido dining in other parts of the country. But it’s a pretty new thing here.

Due to health codes, it will probably always be forbidden for dogs to come in the dining room (with the exception of dogs for the disabled). Personally, I think it’s a shame, but, to be honest, some guests probably wouldn’t have the sense not to bring a dog unless it was totally comfortable with lying still for a couple of hours at the foot of its owner. Look at the problems we have with children sometimes!

Occasionally, I’ve seen people sneak their tiny dogs in a large purse. Happened just a couple of months ago. Back when I was managing a restaurant, we had a homeless-looking guy sitting at the bar who had a red squirrel under his coat. I thought to myself, “Hmmmm, now we have a new soup of the day”.


I ordered my peanut MEDIUM RARE! I want to see your manager RIGHT NOW!

 If you have this image as your wallpaper, then I’m worried about you. However, if you don’t have this as your wallpaper and desperately crave it, then, by all means, go here, the source of the photo:

Personally, I have a photo of a Patagonian Toothfish (aka sea bass) as my wallpaper. No lie! But let me tell you, it ain’t warm and fuzzy:

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