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Uniform check

Well kids, it’s the end of the month. Time to give your uniforms a really close look.

Use the eye you don’t use every day. Try not to ignore that nagging stain or frayed cuff. Do your polo shirt’s collars refuse to lay flat anymore? Is your white shite noticably yellow around the neck? Has your left shoe developed a small crack in the sole?

The point of this exercise isn’t to throw out uniform items with little flaws – it’s to evaluate the effective remaining lifespan. Is it close to time to get a new polo shirt? If so, then you need to budget for it. If you don’t wait until it’s too late, not only won’t you have to buy a shirt with the money you needed to pay your light bill because your manager made you throw away your shirt, you can probably reserve that shirt for the “emergency pile”. It’s always nice to have clothes that you can grab when you forgot to do laundry or you are stuck with a shift that you weren’t expecting.

So get all of your uniform items together in the next week and give them a really good fine-tooth combed inspection. Do this once a month and you’ll never get caught flat-footed.

Photo by smtaylor1

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