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Waiter’s Caddy

Our friends at Tip20! have just highlighted the new Waiter’s Caddy, in Deluxe or Standard version (the main difference that I can see is that the Deluxe has a spot for your pen). The Waiter’s Caddy is an exclusive product of the Waiter Depot. The folks at Tip20! have a thorough description and photos, so, to read about it and see it, go here:

It’s a bit pricey, but many of you will find it invaluable. I’ve seen some “solutions” that are unwieldy, such as mni accordion holders (miniature versions of the accordion file folders that many of us use for our household documents. Some waiters like them, but I find them fussy and bulky.  The Waiter’s Caddy follows the form of a check presenter. If you go to Tip20!, you’ll get several shots of it as well as a link to The Waiter’s Depot.

When you pair it with this belt-clipped $2.99 “Lighter Leash”, also available carbabiner style for an extra buck:

and add this cool Corkscrew Holster, currently marked down almost 50% to $5.95 from $11.95:

you’ll be the envy of all of the other waiter kids on the block. Imagine, no more digging around in pockets for winetools. No more wads of cash just ready to be lost. Imagine being able to zip a lighter off of your belt for instant birthday candle action! You’d be like a gunslinger! Now, all you need is a Bluetooth link to the kitchen and an iPad ordering system and you’ll be a Bladerunning cyborg waiter.

Just so you know, I have no connection with The Waiter Depot, either personally or financially. Of course, feel free to tell ’em who sent ya!

Now here’s the kind of Waiter’s Caddy that I really like:

If you like this, go here:

I especially like the kitschey waiter salt and pepper set further down the page.


One response to “Waiter’s Caddy

  1. Hunks In Trunks December 1, 2010 at 5:03 am

    Haha brilliant, now I know what to get my girlfriend for Christmas…

    Topless Waiters | Promotion Girls

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