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Daily Archives: October 26, 2010

I waited on you and all I got was this silly pen.

Well, sorta.

There’s little that bugs me as much as someone taking my pen. I find it annoying, dishonest and thoughtless. You wouldn’t nick a mechanic’s wrench, would you?

But I found something that annoys me even more. and I’ll have to say that this was a first.

The other day, I actually had a guest who took my Pilot G-2 07 gel pen and left me a cheap, advertising pen. Maybe it was unintentional but I don’t think so. He saw his chance to snag one of the best disposable pens around and ditch a cheap, no-cost, crappy pen that he probably has a drawerful of. Maybe he thought that it would be good promotion for his business. Or maybe he thought that it was a good way to ditch a pen that someone else had foisted on him.

Regardless, the comapny is screwed because I would now never use their services, nor would I recommend them to anyone. I would name them here, but I can’t be 100% sure that it’s actually the company that he works for.

I would have thought that I’d find some small comfort in at least getting a pen in return, but I find that it actually bugs me more than he he simply stolen my pen.  Additionally, I’m not allowed to present an advertising pen to a guest, so it’s useless in my work. It now will knock around the house as a last-ditch pen.

So, here’s to you, asshole. I’m glad that you tipped me 17% but the least you could have done is leave me 20% instead of doing some torturous calculation.

After all, you got a really nice gel pen from me and all I got was a silly T***ourse green shitty pen.

Goodbye old friend.