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Spam comments

Just got finished deleting a bunch of spam.

There were a couple that were borderline.

If you really want your comments to get through, you might want to make it absolutely clear that you are commenting about a specific post. Some of the spam has gotten quite clever, so, once again, you should make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that you are responding to a specific post. Otherwise, your quite sincere comment might have been deleted by yours truly.

Oh yeah, no, there’s no Facebook or Twitter account linked to this blog.  So no, you can’t “follow me” or “friend me”. I’m already your friend.


One response to “Spam comments

  1. Nick Boodris December 3, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    Very good post. I too get a lot of spam and I can’t believe people spam you when your blog has nothing to do with theirs. Completely unrelated topics.

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