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Daily Archives: June 10, 2011

Just popping in to see how all of my lovelies are.

Hope that everyone is making tons of money. I hope that everyone is taking the lull in my posting to catch up on the old posts. In two weeks, I’ll be reviewing a new important book on waiting tables. No, it’s not mine, which seems to be on permanent hold. In fact, this new book coming out will probably make mine moot, since it’s going to cover many of the topics that I cover here. It’s the book that has been sorely lacking on the scene.

I’m still in the same boat of only having internet access on my phone, so my normal rate of posting isn’t probably going to increase soon.  But here’s a quick hit for you – The Deluxe Waiter’s Caddy that I’ve been using for a while has held up nicely. The pen holder has a bit of a tear and the Caddy itself has assumed a gentle curve from me bending over, but it has proven to be sturdy and very helpful as a device to keep everything handy and organized. The little tear in the pen holder doesn’t affect its usefulness, although I must confess that I rarely use it anyway.  The caddy is now 7 months old and still looks nice. So, you should go here and read the original review: