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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Peyton Manning leaves generous tip, server gets fired for posting a photograph of bill | Shutdown Corner – Yahoo! Sports

Celebrity Chef Mario Batali Settles Lawsuit With His Waitstaff

From NPR:


I always find it weird when people cut their steaks before they eat them. I prefer to keep as much juice in my steak as possible up to the last minute.

Mind you, I believe in different strokes for different folks. I just find this a different stroke that doesn’t seem to have any rationale.

Just sayin’…

Still here, barely…

Yes, I know. I’ve been more of an aggregator lately. But I’m still a bit hamstrung by my almost exclusive use of a smartphone as my sole means of communication and, between the difficulty of stringing together complex thoughts and the havok that auto-correct can wreak, I’ve been laying a bit low.

I keep promising to get back in the game. I really mean to. There are some nice new waiter blogs out there worth flogging and I’ve tinkered with a few new topics.

But I have to be able to do it right.

So, you might see an occasional link to an interesting story, or the random mea culpa such as this one.

Until then, remember that I appreciate your readership and loyalty and I’ll see you on the next shift.