So You Want To Be A Waiter

The best book on waiting tables that you have never read – yet

Back for just a moment

Hi. It’s good to see you again.

I see that people are still interested in the blog. Sadly, I’m still sort of out of time, energy, and topics to keep the flow going. I hope that this remains a handy resource to waiters of both sexes as I’ve covered a lot of useful topics.

The main reason that I’ve come back is to note that WordPress is now adding ads to posts. I want to say that I am not profiting a penny from the inclusion of these ads. I’m not complaining about it either, just making it plain that this is still a labor of love blog, not a profit generating device. And yet…

I’m not against doing a book should a publisher like to use this as a springboard to a “So You Want To Be A/n Waiter, Airline Pilot, Rock Star, etc. series or a standalone book. If you are a publisher, with the right legitimate offer, I could be enticed to mold this into a proper book with the help of a talented editor. While I might not currently have the energy to add to the blog, there is still plenty more material in my back pocket, as well as a general outline and clear ideas about the layout and construction of such a book.

I can be contacted by commenting on this post with contact information and I will get back to you. It’s still important for me to maintain my anonymity as I’m still in the business. If the offer were lucrative enough, I could be pulled out of that cloak in order to do publicity though.  

Personally, I think that the market for a comprehensive and practical how-to guide to waiting tables is seriously under-served (pun intended). 

One warning though – I have the perfect face for radio so publicity could end up being a clown show. 

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