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Oldie But Goodie

In the spirit of the holiday season, here’s a post from my second month.

I think it captures the spirit of the season.

Enjoy (again, if you’re read it previously):

Oldie but goodie

I thought that one of my earliest posts was worthy of reprinting. Not because I have no ideas about waiting tables (I’m in this hopefully for the long  haul so I don’t want to shoot all of my ammo at once), but because newer readers to this blog might not have taken the time to explore the archives. I know that when I check out a new blog, it sometimes take awhile to get around to catching up. So I thought that I’d repost some of the early posts that go to the heart of waiting tables. Perhaps it will get a few of you checking out some of the earlier material and it will give some exposure to those of you who simply don’t have the time or inclination to wade through months of posts.

This is advice to guests about the part that you play in making your own dining experience better.