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One way that you know that you’re working in a well-run restaurant

If you work in a corporate restaurant and there’s an upcoming visit by The -Powers-That-Be from higher up the food chain, you know that you’re working in a well-run and well-staffed restaurant if the management doesn’t get all freaky and scared-looking and start assigning a buttload of extra cleaning duties.

First of all, this indicates that the staff is doing a pretty good job keep the restaurant looking polished. Second of all, it shows that the management is confident in their ability to stay on top of the staff to keep the standards up on a day-to-day basis. And it shows a general management confidence that any corporate visit will show them to be better than their fellow locations because of the well-run nature of the restaurant. they show no fear, no panic. In fact, the well-adjusted GM will welcome the visit and if you have one of those, you should be grateful, because they’re fairly rare beasts.

This doesn’t mean that if extra cleaning duties are assigned, it means that you’re working in a shithole. There’s inevitably a little more emphasis on the things that escape notice on a day-to-day basis because everyone knows that a fresh set of eyes will see details that are missed because some things just fall into the background and get unnoticed after a while.

So if your managment gets all paranoid and jumpy, with the appearance of a bloodied cornered wild animal, this is a warning sign. If it happens everytime that a corporate visit is planned, it’s a serious red flag. It means that management (and, by extension, the staff) is not taking care of business properly.

If your management is relaxed and says things like, “Make sure that you’re looking sharp on Friday because the regional is going to pay a visit and make sure you look at your stations and side stations more closely in the next week”, you’re golden.

If you smell fear and they have everyone come in 2 hours early for “extra cleaning”, watch out. they’re more concerned about their jobs than yours. They would probably throw you under the bus in a New York minute.