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Cookbook of the day – Paul Kirk’s Championship Barbecue


Paul Kirk’s Championship Barbecue

Publisher: Harvard Common Press; illustrated edition edition (April 2004)  

ISBN-10: 1558322426

ISBN-13: 978-1558322424

 Paul Kirk is one of the superstars of the BBQ circuit – just ask him.

This book not only explains the various Barbecue techniques and throws 575 “Lip-Smackin’ ” recipes at you, covers the differences between various regions’ methods thoroughly and tells you in great detail how he got the title of “The Baron of Barbecue” (more recently corrected to include his native Kansas City in the name), he also goes behind the scenes and reveals many of the nuts ‘n bolts of competition, giving away a ton to “trade secrets” that will allow those who crave competition to come armed before they even hook a single trailer up to a Ford 250. Just don’t think that you’re going to beat Paul Kirk though. He could tell you every single thing he knows and then shut down the rest of his brain and only cook with his lizard brain and he’d still whomp your ass. Don’t believe me? Just ask him.

The chest puffing gets old pretty quickly. Not only can Kirk cook better than you, he can make up a new recipe for a sauce on the spot after drinking a keg of beer followed by 12 shots of tequila while he’s saving a GM plant in Tennessee and running a major cattle rustling ring and 24 hours later, he’ll be standing in front of you with the trophy that God had intended you to win.


This is one hell of a book. There are more sauces and rubs than you can shake a stick at, although, he still hasn’t cracked the code to the secret ingredient to my dry rub. He goes into great detail about smoking (although I think he’s a little rigid with some of his thoughts) and he ain’t afraid to grill him up some tuna or vegetables. He’s even got a North African Spice Paste hanging around, although it’s no harissa. His chapter, Barbecue Sauces, Salsas, Relishes, and Dipping Sauces is a valuable resource. when you combine that with Marinades, Mops, Sops, and Bastes, you’ve got the world of barbecue laid bare at your feet.

But there are also cooking charts and history lessons, peoples’ personal recipes freely given up for publication, on-point observations scattered at key parts of the book, and, most importantly, many stories about Paul Kirk, the myth and the legend. Hell, even Pecos Bill had to bow down to him and Paul Bunyan laid down his axe and gave him Babe, his prized ox, so that Kirk could smoke him whole on his smoker, which is the size of Rhode Island and requires a 10th of all of the wood in the Amazonian rain forest.

paul kirk

His website, which is the best website ever created since Kirk created the internet and gave it to Al Gore, is here: