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Just in time for Christmas – a new Marketplace Blogroll

Look for it shortly. I’ll be adding new links as quickly as I can.

I have no affiliation with any of them, although, regular readers of this blog will remember that I got a sample Waiter’s Caddy from The Waiter’s Depot a few weeks ago. Should I get any sort of swag or kickback from any of these links, I will duly report it. At no time should it be assumed that sending free stuff will get a link posted in the blogroll, although any vendor is free to leave a comment in this blog to alert me to their website. I alone will be the judge as to whether a link is posted. Unless there is a legitimate concern with a site, any website that offers items interesting to waiters will be added, as long as it’s a “legitimate” site. I alone will be the sole determinate of such “legitimacy”.

Also, selected “culinary” sites will be considered for inclusion, although it has to offer unusual, hard-to-get or interesting items. I won’t be putting up links for “gift basket”, Wisconsin cheese and sausage sites or other generic sites.

The listing of any link does not imply a specific endorsement of the site, nor an endorsement on the business practices of the site. All readers should use the services of these vendors at their own risk and I assume no responsibility for any business dealings that readers might or might not participate in.

Please remember the waiters in your life this holiday season.

New blog added – Culinary Grammar

This is a nice blog for foodies. There’s enough food porn to keep the “gourmand” in each foodie happy and there is a personal touch that marks the best private culinary blogs.

The author is/was in Nashville, so there’s that. There’s lots of local color that she exposes to the rest of the world. She is a graduating student who is moving to Dallas to teach, so this might explain why the last post was back in April. Perhaps she graduated back in the spring and she’s getting established in her new career. I suspect that she will pick back up when things get stabilized because she obviously has an affinity for talking about food. I know all about having to take a break, although my recent break was less to do with recharging and more to do with taking care of business. I normally don’t recommend dormant blogs, but I just get the feeling that it’s a temporary condition.

Perhaps I’ll do a post in the near future recommending truly dormant blogs because there are a few that remain relevant, funny and interesting even though the author might have left the food industry.

So, let’s drink a nice sweet tea over our plate of collards and welcome Steph to the fold!

Here’s a pic from the blog (I reduced the size – it’s bigger there). It’s a nice table of food from my friend and great chef Margo McCormack’s lovely restaurant, Marché:

Photo from the blog “Culinary Grammar”. Photo presumably from the author of the blog.

New link added – The Thairade

First of all, I’m a sucker for a well-turned phrase, double meaning, pun, or clever wordplay. So the name of this blog, The Thairade, would have attacted my attention on its face. But the producer of this blog had the good taste to praise my blog in a comment to a recent post, plus, I have a great affinity toward Thai food, so we’re adding it to ye olde blogroll.

Fortunately, it’s also well-written and witty. It’s also, as I might have said during my times living in Germany, Nagelneu (literally “new nail”, but means brand new or new as a shiny nail), so get in on the ground floor and watch it grow. It’s fairly unique because I haven’t seen any blogs from waiters in ethnic or exotic restaurants. Should be fodder for some interesting stories.

PS, I give it the same number of stars that I demand from my Thai food – 5 stars (Native Thai, extremely hot).