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Capital Grill hurting since firing blogger

Well, yes and no. They were hurting before they fired our friend in Kansas City, but I’d like to think that it was a direct result of being buttheads.

They are definitely underperforming in the steakhouse sector, but they did come in first in the chain steakhouse category in the most recent Consumer Reports nationwide restaurant survey. Personally, I’d listen to to them when it comes to buying a washing machine, but when it comes to matters of taste, as a recovering audiophile, I always had to laugh at CR’s complete lack of a sense of style and taste. I mean, Bose? Really? So, when a report that lists PF Chang’s as the number one “Unique Dinner House” chain restaurant, I have to wonder about Capital Grill.

BTW, for 3qtr fiscal year 2009, they were down 19.0% same store sales from 2008. Pretty bad indeed, even in these bad times. It jumped to 22.1% down in the 4th quarter. They are one of the worst performing companies in the sector. Other steakhouses like Palm, Fleming’s, Ruth’s Criss, Mortons, Sullivan’s etc. are hovering between 10 and 15% down this quarter.

So, maybe CJ’s firing has had some effect! Look at their bar – deserted:

Capital Grill


Article in Kansas City Star about “Girl in the Weeds” blogger CJ, fired from The Capital Grill for blogging

Should a witty blog about your job get you fired?


The Kansas City Star

The restaurant server predicted her own demise when she posted these words: “Well, here goes suicide by blog. Stay tuned for the fallout.”

The fallout arrived last week inside the cramped office of a well-to-do Plaza venue. CJ was fired after a handful of witty postings on all things fine dining — spot-on takes about dining room dramas, hilarious dissections of patron personalities and an explainer on the deft touch that support staff (dishwashers and backend kitchen help) employ to shake down their cut in tips.

You can read the rest of the article here:

It’s a shame that this dining room at this “well-to-do Plaza venue” (The Capital Grill) won’t be graced with her continuing presence:


If you haven’t been following along, click the “Girl in the Weeds” link in my “Waiter’s Stuff” area.