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New link added – Chef’s Blade

This is’s “specialty site” for chefs and cooks.

There has a always been a bit of a gulf between front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house (commonly abbreviated as FoH and BoH). Waiters should make the effort to learn more about the people who bust their asses in hot and dangerous conditions in order for the guest to get top quality food.

This site can help in that regard, or at least it’s a good starting point.

It’s also good for guests, who sometimes think that the food magically appears from inside a black box.

For any cooks or chefs that might read my blog from time to time, it’s a sueful site because, let’s face it, it’s a site and it’s geared toward networking and career information. Every kitchen person should become a member of this site.

I’ll be adding more kitchen specific links in the future as well.

“The stuff that I wish I had written” for the day

From bitter waiter (see perma-link in blogroll.)

“And they never hesitated to ask me for water refills.  

In new glasses. 

With a side of lemon, dead puppies, and crushed dreams”.

I guess you have to read the rest of the post for this to resonate:
It’s too many syllables for haiku, but I wish I had written it nonetheless…

New Link Added – $10,000 After Tipout

This is a new blog by a waiter in Arizona who’s trying to get $10,000 worth of tips in 6 months in order to be able to afford to move to NYC and pursue a second degree, having just graduated from college.

I like the idea of having a “tip thermometer” which rises when she earns money. Very cool.

I assume that this is a blog that isn’t going to be around more than a year, at least when it comes to concentrating on the restaurant world (although one never knows) but so far, the posts are witty and insightful, so I hope that you will check it out.

It’s going into the blog roll…



States ranked by restaurants per capita at


You might not be surprised that the District of Columbia might come in first, but #2? Montana??!!?


New link added – Slashfood

This site is one of the new breeds of blogs – the compendium. It’s not a single person laboriously typing blog post after blog post promoting a single viewpoint, but a group of single people typing blog post after blog post, blending viewpoints and outlooks from all over. Each has an area of expertise and a unique viewpoint. It’s a veritable bouillabaisse of blogs.

Here you’ll find a wide-ranging and interactive culinary universe. There are waiters, home cooks, food critics and general know-it-alls. If you can’t find something of interest here, then you should re-evaluate whether you ‘re actually interested in the culinary world.

It is a pretty commercial site, with garish ads that explode onto your screen and obscure the landscape. However, there’s nothing wrong with that, now is there? It looks like an upscale food court, and I mean this is the most positive way.

 This should be one of the sites that you regularly check in with, and, as such, it receives the ultimate honor here at SYWTBAW – it’s own place in the Foodie blogroll.

So, let’s welcome Slashfood!


New link added – The Thairade

First of all, I’m a sucker for a well-turned phrase, double meaning, pun, or clever wordplay. So the name of this blog, The Thairade, would have attacted my attention on its face. But the producer of this blog had the good taste to praise my blog in a comment to a recent post, plus, I have a great affinity toward Thai food, so we’re adding it to ye olde blogroll.

Fortunately, it’s also well-written and witty. It’s also, as I might have said during my times living in Germany, Nagelneu (literally “new nail”, but means brand new or new as a shiny nail), so get in on the ground floor and watch it grow. It’s fairly unique because I haven’t seen any blogs from waiters in ethnic or exotic restaurants. Should be fodder for some interesting stories.

PS, I give it the same number of stars that I demand from my Thai food – 5 stars (Native Thai, extremely hot).


New link added because of post that proves that “The customer isn’t always right”.

For those of you who subscribe to the trope, “The customer is always right”,  I give you counter example, Exhibit A:

And the “punch line” is brilliant.

Here’s the deal. The customer isn’t always right. It’s not right to touch or grab a server without permission, especially when at another table, make unwanted sexual advances or comments to workers, lie about your food or order, bully the waitstaff into giving you special privileges, discounts or other dispensations like honoring coupons that have been expired for months,  lie about being a “friend of the owner” (this one rarely works), take anything off of a tray being carried by someone, interrupt a  waiter while they’re at another table, whistle or snap your fingers at a waiter to gain their attention, refuse to accept that you’ve been cut off, or piss in the sink of the restroom.

Just letting you know. And don’t think that this list inclusive either. That would also be wrong.

Just for the above post, “bitter waiter” gets added to my blogroll. Let’s give them a warm SYWTBAW welcome. Añejo
 neats all around. Limes for those who need them.


For Technorati users and others

If you use Technorati for blog searching, I am now registered there.

Since I use a pre-packaged theme here at Word Press, I’m not sure if I can add a button for it (I’ll be checking soon). There’s no way for me to add code without going CSS, and I’m not quite prepared to do that at the moment.

So, if you enjoy the blog, I hope that you will link to me so that I can get some “authority”. However, I want you to do this only if you think that I offer useful material.

If you do link to me, let me know so that I can return the favor. I’ll still evaluate your blog to make sure that it’s “link worthy”, but if it’s reasonably worthy, you’ll get a link.

Thanks for your consideration and I hope that everyone has a great week!

New link added –

This is the site of Esquire food editor John Mariani and it has a link to his Virtual Gourmet newsletter. There you can vicariously experience the wrold of dining and food. It’s a foodie’s delight, although you might sometimes feel like you’re outside looking in.

In the current issue of the newsletter, Mariani surveys the Atlanta dining scene.

So, look for the link in my Foodie blogroll.


Possible positive news from restaurant sector

From Restaurant News’  Breaking News:


“The NRA is predicting that eating and drinking places will add 381,800 jobs between June and August, a 4.1-percent increase over the industry’s employment levels in March. The rise in employment may also be an indicator of the beginning of an economic recovery for the industry, said Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of the NRA’s research and knowledge group

“While overall U.S. employment growth remains negative, the industry is bucking that trend as it added jobs in May for the first time in 10 months,” Riehle said. “Building on that gain, the growth in summer employment is a clear sign that the restaurant industry remains a powerhouse in the U.S. economy.”


Read the rest of the article here:

However, Florida and Arizona are still seeing predictions of a decline in jobs, so all isn’t totally rosy.

One thing that this indicates is the possible migration of workers in other fields into the restaurant business. If you are one of those people, especially if you’re going to try to be a waiter, you’ve come to the right place. You might want to go back to the beginning of the blog and start reading through. You can reduce your learning curve significantly if you read some of my posts on the subject of waiting tables.

I think that some people are going to be in for a rude awakening if they get a job as a front-of-the-house restaurant employee, especially if they have only seen the job from the other side of the table.  Based on some of the comments on waiter-related sites, many guests wonder, “How hard could it be?”,  “Servers are just spoiled workers who have it easy”, or “Servers should be happy with whatever tip I voluntarily give them”.

I’ve always said that everyone should have to be a waiter for a year because it will help them in life, as well as seeing dining out from a different perspective. However, I usually recommend that at the beginning of one’s work career, not after. It will be interesting to see what the impact of this potential flood of “civilians” into the workplace is.

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