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Molecular gastronomy costs German chef his hands

Blumenthal-Style Chef Blows Off His Hands

10:44am UK, Tuesday July 14, 2009

A German chef has blown off his hands while experimenting with a Heston Blumenthal-style cooking technique.

The man, identified only as Martin E, was working on a recipe involving liquid nitrogen when there was “a huge explosion”, according to the Berliner Morgenpost.

One of the 24-year-old’s hands was instantly torn off by the force of the blast, while the other was later amputated in hospital.

Read the rest of the article at Sky News here:

Yes Chefs, this should be an object lesson as to what happens when you start tampering with the sub-molecular bonds that hold our universe together. Are you trying to destroy the world? Does playing God make you feel powerful? Do people really want fake sunnyside up eggs that are actually carrot yolks and whites made from coconut and cardomom? I mean really??!!??

Just in case some crazed molecular gastronomist wants to come throttle me with garotte made from corn silk and hemp, I’m just kidding. Just be careful out there kids. Heed what Frank Zappa warned, “You could die from the danger/Of the dangerous kitchen”.

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