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Take this job and shove it…

From USA Today:

JetBlue flight attendant strikes a nerve with stressed workers

NEW YORK — JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater was apparently mad as hell and wasn’t going to take it anymore.After reportedly exchanging words with a passenger who had hit him on the head with a piece of luggage on a flight that arrived at JFK Airport here Monday, Slater took to the jet’s public address system to curse the flier. He then bid the flight — and by his own acknowledgment, his job — adieu by sliding down the plane’s emergency exit chute, but not before quickly grabbing a beer from the jet’s galley.

Once on the tarmac, Slater made his way to his car and drove to his home in nearby Queens.

Slater, 38, was arraigned Tuesday in New York City Criminal Court on charges of criminal mischief, trespassing and reckless endangerment. Although his actions landed him in jail, they won him a legion of fans on the Internet and on talk-radio shows across the nation. His dramatic exit struck a nerve with many overworked, recession-weary Americans— or folks who have been frustrated by the conduct of fellow airline passengers. Messages of support for Slater flooded Facebook pages and Internet message boards.

“He did what all working stiffs have only dreamt of,” a reader who identified himself as Brill Galt wrote on USA TODAY’s reader response line. “Millions of Americans WISH they could have quit in that fashion. … Free Slater!!!”

Read the rest of the article here:

To me, this is the takeaway:

“Before scooting down the chute, prosecutors said, Slater went on the jet’s PA system where he said, ‘Those of you who have shown dignity and respect these last 20 years, thanks for a great ride’.”

This goes for co-workers as well. For those who don’t show respect for their co-workers, this applies as well. The restaurant business is tough enough without us eating our own. You should show dignity and respect for the weakest among you.

Waitress loses job at Brixx Pizza in Charlotte, NC over Facebook post – from Well Done Fillet

From across the pond, a story about a waitress in a pizza parlor losing her job at Brixx Pizza in Charlotte, NC (not the savviest of operations from a PR standpoint) – thanks to our British War Correspondent Manuel for this one:

Oh dear indeed…

Just a reminder:

Perhaps I should go back and add a section on actually posting comments on Facebook. I talked about promoting your blog on FB, but didn’t cover this specific instance. Until I do, take this lesson to heart. Remember, there is a difference between dissing a guest over drinks after work and dissing them on a network shared by 200 gazillion people. At least you can be comforted by the fact that your new Chinese overlords will probably never see it, plus, for now, you’re safe in Pakistan.

PS, if you haven’t noticed, Well Done Fillet is permalinked in Ye Ole Blogroll. When you go there, you have to click the above graphic as he has recently moved his blog from point A to point B. You should visit him…alot.

PPS, if you live in Charlotte, you might want to consider whether Brixx Pizza is the sort of place that you’d like to patronize.

Say it ain’t so, Kevin!


Kevin Spacey Blamed For Waiter’s Job Loss

November 3rd, 2009 9:32am EST

A waiter has blasted Kevin Spacey after he was fired for asking the actor’s pals not to smoke in a restaurant.

Peter Turner has accused the American Beautyof  star of costing him his job at the Clarke Cooke House in Newport, Rhode Island, after friends violated state laws by lighting up during a meal in June.

Turner alleges the head waiter instructed him to ask Spacey’s party to put out their cigarettes – but the star reportedly took exception to the request, reports

Read the rest of the post here:


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Photo from

Lawsuit: Waiter fired over Roethlisberger complaint

From the legal site Avvo:

Monday, October 5, 2009 at 02:47 PM

A former restaurant worker at Lake Tahoe’s Harrah’s resort claims that he was fired from his assistant manager job because of a complaint filed by football star Ben Roethlisberger.

Alvaro Brito, who had worked at the restaurant for 12 years, said he was fired in July 2008 after he requested to see identification from a young woman who ordered a drink at the quarterback’s table, the Associated Press reports. The lawsuit names the Cabo Wabo Cantina and president of Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, John Koster, as defendants.

Read the rest of the story here:–waiter-fired-over-roethlisberger-complaint-481.html


Waiter fired for twittering


From BrandX:

Waiter gets canned after Twittering about “Hung” actress Jane Adams

03:36 PM PT, Sep 30 2009
There’s a ton of stories about people losing their jobs over a careless tweet about the boss or some sloppy, drunken photos on Facebook.

But have you heard the one about the waiter and Jane Adams?

The actress on the TV show “Hung” didn’t respond to numerous attempts to be contacted, and HBO declined to comment on issues relating to its clients.

But here’s the story we got from Jon-Barrett Ingels, a former waiter at the Barney Greengrass restaurant in Beverly Hills:

One afternoon, Adams came into the restaurant for lunch. Ingels, 31, served her an order of soup and a lemonade. Waiting on a celeb was nothing out of the ordinary, Ingels said, because due to the restaurant’s proximity to major L.A. talent agencies, actors dine there regularly.

Read the thrilling conclusion here:

Definitely a cautionary tale for all waiters.

Jane Adams

Capital Grill hurting since firing blogger

Well, yes and no. They were hurting before they fired our friend in Kansas City, but I’d like to think that it was a direct result of being buttheads.

They are definitely underperforming in the steakhouse sector, but they did come in first in the chain steakhouse category in the most recent Consumer Reports nationwide restaurant survey. Personally, I’d listen to to them when it comes to buying a washing machine, but when it comes to matters of taste, as a recovering audiophile, I always had to laugh at CR’s complete lack of a sense of style and taste. I mean, Bose? Really? So, when a report that lists PF Chang’s as the number one “Unique Dinner House” chain restaurant, I have to wonder about Capital Grill.

BTW, for 3qtr fiscal year 2009, they were down 19.0% same store sales from 2008. Pretty bad indeed, even in these bad times. It jumped to 22.1% down in the 4th quarter. They are one of the worst performing companies in the sector. Other steakhouses like Palm, Fleming’s, Ruth’s Criss, Mortons, Sullivan’s etc. are hovering between 10 and 15% down this quarter.

So, maybe CJ’s firing has had some effect! Look at their bar – deserted:

Capital Grill


Article in Kansas City Star about “Girl in the Weeds” blogger CJ, fired from The Capital Grill for blogging

Should a witty blog about your job get you fired?


The Kansas City Star

The restaurant server predicted her own demise when she posted these words: “Well, here goes suicide by blog. Stay tuned for the fallout.”

The fallout arrived last week inside the cramped office of a well-to-do Plaza venue. CJ was fired after a handful of witty postings on all things fine dining — spot-on takes about dining room dramas, hilarious dissections of patron personalities and an explainer on the deft touch that support staff (dishwashers and backend kitchen help) employ to shake down their cut in tips.

You can read the rest of the article here:

It’s a shame that this dining room at this “well-to-do Plaza venue” (The Capital Grill) won’t be graced with her continuing presence:


If you haven’t been following along, click the “Girl in the Weeds” link in my “Waiter’s Stuff” area.

Correction of “Update from my last “New Link Posted” – a cautionary tale” post

I confused the Admin of, Shannon, with C*****, the creator of the  “Girl In The Weeds” blog. I think that I thought that C***** was giving up a pseudonym and giving her real name.

My sincere apologies and I’ve corrected it.

Just a reminder, C***** (from now on known only as CJ) will be updating her post tomorrow and it should be quite a post indeed. Make sure that you check it out at…schreeeeeeech…:cue sound of squealing brakes:

OK,  I’ve taken out the original link because of potential issues with her current situation. As soon as I get a proper link from frothygirlz that eliminates any reference to her real name…hint, hint Shannon, you need to do some erasure on the original blog pronto!…I’ll be adding the updated “Girl in the Weeds” link to the blogroll…until then, please have patience…

Update from my last “New Link Posted” – a cautionary tale


Sad news in that apparently there was more than “a little fallout” over our newest blogger’s funny commentary on her co-workers.

From “Girl in the Weeds”:

“For the last three years, I have worked at a job that I love.  Quite unexpectedly, I was hired to work at one of the best restaurants in Kansas City without much serving experience.  I convinced a skeptical manager that my background as a concierge and my passion for service and high-end hospitality would fit right in with what he was looking for in a team member.  They took a chance on me and over the next three years, I built a good following of regulars, routinely did well on secret shopper reports, and was asked to be a trainer.  But the two best things about my job were bonding with the guests that I served and the amazing friends that I made.

Okay (insert needle scratching a record sound here) that’s enough of that hazy “Dreamweaver” moment.  I was fired on Wednesday for writing my weekly column.  ”In The Weeds” has been a fun, sarcastic and anonymous look at my experiences in the restaurant industry.  It will continue to be fun and sarcastic.  It will no longer be anonymous.  I will continue to post on on Tuesdays so please visit often for real stories from my years at The Capital Grille.   

Teaser for Tuesday: A look inside the little shoe box that serves as both manager office and execution chamber”.

Sad news indeed. I hope that everyone will continue to visit Shannon’s CJ’s blog in support. I’m sure that some interesting dirty laundry is forthcoming.

Thanks to bitterwaitress for alerting me to this, as I wasn’t planning to check back in until Tuesday, her normal day to update her blog.

And this should serve as warning to those who choose to blog about their workplaces, whether in the restaurant biz or not. I’m not saying that it’s right for such a chilling effect to be possible, but folks should realize the risks that they take in being too specific when they talk about workplace happenings. I think that this sort of thing still hasn’t been sorted out in the courts and we’re likely to see some interesting legal actions unfold in the coming years. I think, at the very least, one should think long and hard about telling fellow workers that they are even blogging, especially if they are writing about personalities or issues in their workplace and especially if they work in “Right To Work” and “”At Will Employment” states. I don’t think that those workers are offered very much legal protection when it comes to being fired on the grounds that they have blogged about their work.

It took only a few posts over a month-and-a-half for this situation to develop.

And now you know why I haven’t offered much in the way of personal information.

But, in case you were wondering where I get off on offering all sorts of information about waiting tables, let’s just say that I’ve been either waiting tables or managing restaurants (4 years in the late 90s) for the past 15 years and my first job as a waiter was in 1974 for a year and and a half and another job in 1980 – 1982 in another restaurant.