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Grammar and Hooters


One has to admire a Hooters Girl who appreciates good grammar. Of course, it’s difficult to decide whether it should be “Hooters’ Girl” or “Hooters Girl”. I assume that it’s officially Hooters Girl, and I’m willing to accept that as well as overlook the slightly demeaning “Girl” designation. I guess “Hooters Woman” just sounds weird.

Still, I’m glad that there are waiters (“Hooters Waiter” sounds stranger yet) at Hooters that appreciate the proper application of grammatical rules. Surely this bodes well for someone who wants to be a country star, especially if she’s a songwriter as well as a performer, although, frankly, sometimes you have to bend grammar to fit a song. I give you Midge Ure (Ultravox) “If I Was” as a prime example, a song that ignores the proper subjunctive mood but just sounds more “right” than “If I Were”. Of course it’s not a country song, unless your country is Austria.