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Nashville server’s lawsuit says guns in bars create unsafe workplace

Nashville server’s lawsuit says guns in bars create unsafe workplace

Complaint says firearms in bars create unsafe work environment

By Nate Rau • THE TENNESSEAN • August 31, 2010

A Nashville server has filed a complaint with the state alleging that the mixture of guns and bars creates an unsafe work environment.

The server works at Jackson’s Bar and Bistro in Hillsboro Village. The complaint kept the person’s name anonymous.

The complaint alleges that it is a violation of Tennessee Occupational Health and Safety Administration regulations to allow permit holders to carry guns into places that serve alcohol, such as Jackson’s.

Read the rest of the article here:

I’ve been clear in the past – I think that mixing guns and alcohol in public is recipe for disaster. This was a craven attempt by the NRA and gun groups to eliminate all types of gun control. They claimed it was for public safety to allow concealed carry permit holders to carry their guns into restaurants, but they betrayed that falsehood by requiring restaurants to opt out instead of opt in. In Tennessee, you have to post a sign saying that you don’t allow guns. that’s basically a flashing arrow to the criminals saying that this place is an easier mark than one that doesn’t have such a sign. If public safety were really an issue, restaurants would have to post “Guns Allowed Here” because a sign like that is a far bigger deterrent to a criminal than the lack of a sign. It’s a testament to the bravery of Nashville restaurants that they have stood up to this law by overwhelmingly forbidding guns in their restaurants. Some estimate this number at 75 – 80%. Even virtually every bar and restaurant in downtown Nashville, a place where you’d think that a restaurant or bar might want gun-totin’ guests, disallows guns in their establishments.

I hope this silly law gets thrown out…again.

Court challenge to Tennessee allowing guns in alcohol-serving establishments

First of all, I’m against concealed carry permit holders bringing their weapons into my restaurant or any other restaurant. Alcohol and guns don’t mix well. And I’ve heard all of the arguments.

Basically, the law states that a permit holder can bring a weapon into an establishment that serves alcohol but can’t drink while carrying.  The article that I’m linking to implies that Tennessee might be the only state out of the 37 states that allow concealed-carry permits to specifically allow guns in bars and restaurants (27 forbid it outright). Tennessee has also recently passed a law that allows guns to be toted in public parks as well, which seems rather insane to me. Governor Bredesen vetoed the guns in restaurants bill but it was overriddenby the Senate. Bredesen was resigned to signing the second guns in parks bill doe to the political realities currently in the Legislature.

Fortunately, opponents to the bill in the state legislature demanded an opt-out clause to both pieces of legislation. Municipalities are now free to pass local ordinances banning weapons in public parks (Davidson,home to Nashville and neighboring Williamson County and Shelby county, home of Memphis) are among the first to rush to beat the Sep. 1st  start of the new state law.

Furthermore, many restaurant owners are now posting “No Guns Allowed” on their front doors, including Randy Rayburn, one of the leaders in the fight to have the new guns in restaurant law declared a “public nuisance”. Rayburn, owner of venerable Sunset Grill, Midtown Cafe, and newish hot spot Cabana is willing to risk the wrath of the gun lobby and the more rabid elements of the gun ownership population. He fears that public safety will be compromised, employer liability increased, and tourism possibly hurt. Even the police seem queasy about the possibilities inherent in allow guns and alcohol to mix.

Here’s one article about the challenge to the law.

BTW, I was a .50cal gunner and Track Commander in my Mechanized Infantry platoon, so I’m pretty well-schooled and familiar with guns of all types.  I qualified not only “Expert” with the M-16 and M-60, I was also “Sharpshooter” with a Colt .45 (just didn’t have much need to get “Expert” with that one since I didn’t carry one like my hot-shot 2nd Lt. did). 

And now, a gratuitous and obviously staged shot of a gunshot victim being helped by a manaical Clive Owen (I decided that a real picture of a gunshot victim would be too graphic.


Waiter and restaurant connections to the murder of ex-quarterback Steve McNair

McNair’s fans were stunned by the ex-Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens quarterback’s shooting death on July 4th. What makes this on-topic for me is the fact that he had been dating a 20 year old waiter from Nashville restaurant Dave and Buster’s, Sahel Kazemi, and it is becoming likely that she murdered him and then committed suicide.

McNair Killed

Kazemi had been arrested for DUI the preceding Thursday in a Cadallac Escalade registered to the both of them. McNair was in the front seat and had been allowed to go home in a taxi. He was seen Friday night at Loser’s, a casual country bar between Music Row and downtown and was seen getting home at his rented condo about 2am early Saturday morning. He and Kazemi were found dead around 1:30 that afternoon by the guy with whom he co-rented the condo. McNair had been shot multiple times including a bullet to the temple as he sat on a sofa and Kazemi was found near him on the floor with a single gunshot to the head. The gun was found near her body.

McNair had recently opened a modest diner-type restaurant in a lower-income section of Nashville, Steve McNair’s Gridiron9, and had planned to open up to five similar restaurants in the near future. He was seen there often, cooking for the guests and hanging out. The menu was designed to cater to students and neighbors of Tennessee State University, a menu that McNair characterized as “five star takeout”.


McNair also owned a ranch in his home country of southern Mississippi and he and his wife and kids had a home in the tony Green Hills area of Nashville. The home has been on sale for $2.5 mil. recently. His wife Mechelle has stayed secluded in the house. It had been erroneously reported by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that she was at the Mississippi ranch. It’s unclear at this point whether they were separated. The condo was probably rented primarily as a convenient location to downtown and his restaurant, which is only about 5 miles away. Apparently it was an open secret that he and Kazemi had been dating.  

The AP reports this about Kazemi:

“She was reliable 90 percent of the time,” manager Chris Truelove said of Kazemi. “She was pretty outgoing. A lot of the guests liked being around her, and she liked being around the guests.”

Co-worker Shantez Jobe, 33, she said was friends with Kazemi.

“We talked about who had more fashion sense, and who was the cutest, and who could get more boys, you know some of the stuff girls do,” Jobe said.

They also report this regarding the DUI arrest:

“An arrest affidavit from Thursday said Kazemi had bloodshot eyes and alcohol on her breath when she was pulled over, but refused a breathalyzer test, saying ‘she was not drunk, she was high.’ ”

OK, fellow waiters – guns are not your friends.


Alright, off my soapbox now.