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New link added – Caution : Blonde Thinking

Thanks to this Hooters Girl who’s added me to her “Sweet Reads” blogroll. Very cool. She obviously has impeccable tastes.

Everyone should check out her blog and read about the unique issues that Hooters girls have to deal with.  Like this:

“Along with a few changes and additions to the management team, we received a particularly informative memo on the back of this week’s schedule.

Hooters has always been a very image-based company, requiring their employees to follow reasonably strict dress codes and other codes of conduct.

Well friends, it’s gotten even worse, er, better.

We were asked to read the memo with an open mind and to consider the motivation behind the changes that are being made. “We are aiming to focus a bit more on the ‘girl next door, all American cheerleader, athletic, healthy, friendly, outgoing, happy’ aspects of the ideal Hooters Girl image.” That I completely understand. During times like these, we cant afford to lose any business, and chubby antisocial Hooters Girls are definitely a no-no. (Notice the HUGE drop in currently employed Hooters Girls at my location.)

I’m not sure if these changes are being made in every location. (Sauce? KH? A. Robb? Mayor? Thoughts?)

1. We are now no longer allowed to wear white bras under our white uniform tank tops. I completely understand this. Our uniform tank tops are very much like snowflakes. They are all completely different and unique. Because of this, I dread purchasing new uniforms. Although I always buy the size XXS, they all seem to be of different material thicknesses and shapes. Some tank tops squeeze my armpits. Some necklines are higher or lower, which can make your C look like a D, or the other way around. Occasionally you’ll get a shirt that requires a “trim.” Which is why we always have a pair of scissors in the break room, so the shirt doesn’t bunch up underneath our ever-smooth shorts. Some are so thin, that while wearing a white bra, it looks as if you just participated in a wet tee-shirt contest. Hence the illegalization of the white bra”.

There are actually several good blogs from Hooters Girls that I’ll be adding in the near future. Having never been to a Hooters and having a rather jaded view of the concept itself (not being a lecherous 40 something car salesman), I’m glad to see that some Hooters Girls have good coping mechanisms that guide them through all of the bullshit, not only with their gabby, grabby guests but with their fellow co-workers, management and corporate policy. Good on ya, girls. And I’m sorry for not having patronized you so that you got some of my hard-won money. Maybe if I get the hankerin’ for some wings…

PS, I wonder if Brit (her handle based on her nationality) has ever been able to use “Get on your bike, Johnny” as a way to dismiss some creep. Seems like something that might go right over their heads in a typical Hooters. Obviously I misread her profile, thinking Brit was short for British and not realizing that it was short for something else. Apologies!

PPS, look for the link to her blog in my Waiter Stuff blogroll.

PPPS, yes, Hooters Girls are waiters too. Just the periodic reminder that waiters are either sex.