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Cookbook of the day – The World Atlas of Wine


The World Atlas of Wine

by Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson

Publisher –Mitchell Beazley

ISBN-10: 1840003324

ISBN-13: 978-1840003321

A confession – I’m a sucker for a topographic map. Perhaps this is a remnant of my backpacking days or my time in the military.

So I’m a sucker for this book, especially since I love wine as well.

Johnson and Robinson are leading wine writers and so, they are perfect for fleshing out the details behind the maps.

And these maps! Some are detailed non-topographic but coded for vineyards, forests, etc.  Some have terrain features like hills and mountains airbrushed in. And some offer the detail of a USGS topographic map. Regardless of what type of map they use, there’s detail down to some of the smallest settlements and clearly defined vineyard areas.

You also get detail soil analysis as well as climatic issues that impact the region. You get details on plantings and there are copious photographs that flesh out the life behind the bottle.

This book should be part of any reasonable wine library, as it’s a valuable research tool.

Johnson and Robinson