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Just in time for Christmas – a new Marketplace Blogroll

Look for it shortly. I’ll be adding new links as quickly as I can.

I have no affiliation with any of them, although, regular readers of this blog will remember that I got a sample Waiter’s Caddy from The Waiter’s Depot a few weeks ago. Should I get any sort of swag or kickback from any of these links, I will duly report it. At no time should it be assumed that sending free stuff will get a link posted in the blogroll, although any vendor is free to leave a comment in this blog to alert me to their website. I alone will be the judge as to whether a link is posted. Unless there is a legitimate concern with a site, any website that offers items interesting to waiters will be added, as long as it’s a “legitimate” site. I alone will be the sole determinate of such “legitimacy”.

Also, selected “culinary” sites will be considered for inclusion, although it has to offer unusual, hard-to-get or interesting items. I won’t be putting up links for “gift basket”, Wisconsin cheese and sausage sites or other generic sites.

The listing of any link does not imply a specific endorsement of the site, nor an endorsement on the business practices of the site. All readers should use the services of these vendors at their own risk and I assume no responsibility for any business dealings that readers might or might not participate in.

Please remember the waiters in your life this holiday season.