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A milestone (of sorts) – gratuitious bragging of little import…

I feel just like a proud papa.

Today, I hit over 100 hits in a day. I’m especially proud since it was 11:55 CST and I was hung at 99 hits (don’t even ask me why I was checking). I’ve got a friend in the Pacific Northwest that I was in the middle of FB’ing with regarding some music that he had posted on his music site and I could have easily cheated and asked him to put me over the top by checking out my blog.

But noooooooo…I was strong and I resisted the Dark Side.

And I ended up with 107 “hits”. 

So kids, this should be a lesson to you all. Cheaters don’t win and winners don’t cheat. Don’t do steroids. Take Home EC 101 in high school. Don’t do heroin because the proceeds of the sales go directly to terrorists without passing Go and without collecting $200. Don’t bet on baseball unless you know for sure that you’re not going to play the game professionally or vote for potential Hall of Famers.

Got it?


Oh yeah, thanks for the support, my peeps. You can rulez, yo.