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I’ve been a bad blogger…

…because I really haven’t had the time to keep up with the ever-expanding universe of restaurant bloggers.

Normally I like to give a little review and add links to fellow bloggers individually because I think that they deserve credit for their hard work and I like to make it easy for my readers to decide whether a blog is worthy of following.

So this is a bit of a departure for me.

I’m going to list a raft of blogs that have popped up recently. I have at least taken a cursory look at each of them and feel that they are worthy of inclusion in Ye Olde Blogroll. I am not listing them in any particular order nor is the inclusion of them a permanent condition. But I think it’s important to give them exposure and I’ll let you decide for yourself which ones you find relevent, entertaining and informative. I’ll be actually adding them to the blogroll shortly. Meanwhile, use the links that are provided here.

I’m sure that there are more that I’ve missed. If I’ve missed your blog, feel free to list it in the comment section of this post.

I apologize in advance for not giving each of these blogs their rightful due. But I think it’s better to at least get the links out there. Perhaps I will comment on them later, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Needless to say, I found a lot of entertaining stuff in these blogs and I think you will too.

I got many of these links from this compendium:

I’m proud to have been included. I’m listed #2, although I doubt that they ordered their list in any particular hierarchical fashion. Also, there are quite a few related blogs at this site that will be listed later, especially those dealing with the kitchen (i.e. back-of-the-house, chef/cook related).

New link added – More Bread Please

Here’s a new promising blog from someone who is documenting his move from one restaurant to another.  It’s well-written and it’s obvious that this person has a lot of restaurant experience, so we can learn much from this blog.

The blogger isn’t afraid to directly document what’s going on during his or her shifts, unlike myself.

I think that all restaurant people will enjoy getting in on the ground floor of this nice blog.

So let’s welcome this blogger with a slice of ciabatta, a wedge of Manchego cheese and a glass of La Rioja Alta “Viña Ardanza” Reserva Rioja.

New link added – Red Lobster Blog

Written by “Lobster Boy”, this blog is a great inside view of the highly corporate Red Lobster chain (now owned by Darden, they are one of the longest lasting “mid-market” chains in the country).

Under the “About Me” section, this passage:

“I’ve worked for Red Lobster for the better part of a decade. They used to care for their employees, now we’re just another warm body in their soulless corporation”. 

Despite this rather bleak assessment, it’s obvious that there’s some affection for the restaurant when you read the blog in toto. It’s a bleak hope for a better working environment, but sometimes you have to basically take this almost on faith. Whether it’s a new corporate directive about station size (which happened early in the life of the blog), to the most current posts about coupons and the lack of trust that corporate places in its waitstaff to process the coupons honestly, it’s always an entertaining read from someone who’s been with the company for years. For those who have never worked in a highly corporate environment, this will be a bit of an eye-opener. For those who have, there will be a lot of “Oh yeah, I’ve been there”.

This is actually one of the oldest waiter blogs out there. For some odd reason, it had always been on my backburner in terms of adding to ye olde blogroll. for that, I have a lot of regret, because it actually should have been one of the first that I added. I mean, ya gotta love someone who counts Red Lobster Training Videos along side Napoleon Dynamite and Office Space as his favorite movies. Right? Plus, as an added bonus, you get the occasional recipe and information on current promotions. What more could you ask for? Just don’t utter the words “endless shrimp” when you’re within earshot. ‘K?

So, let’s welcome Lobster Boy properly. Let’s have some champagne with our lobster, shall we? And no bloody coupons either.

New link posted – Waitersfriend – A friend in waiting

I highly recommend this fairly new blog from three waiters in Australia.

This blog appears to have a lot of potential, focusing on practical information for waiters of all stripes. In that regard, the goal seems similar to my own blog – lots of culinary information and advice for the working waiter.

The tab, “a Waiter’s Glossary” is a great compendium of culinary terms that waiters should be familiar with. Not only does it cover the basics, there are a lot of more obscure culinary terms that can expand a waiter’s knowledge exponentially. So far, it’s just food-related items. I hope that they expand the glossary to include many of the arcane terms that we waiters use in our workdays. I have made such a list on this very blog and they are welcome to add the terms to their glossary.

This blog should prove to be a valuable reference for all of us, and so, I proudly add this to my blogroll and suggest that everyone of my readers check it out sooner rather than later.

New link posted – A Tip From the Bartender

Long time readers might have noticed that I don’t write much about life behind the bar or discuss the issues that bar personnel face. That’s because I’ve never been, nor have I ever desired, to be a bartender. Being a successful bartender requires a skill set that I just don’t possess. Of course, I occasionally post about libations and the importance of waiters knowing their bar products. I should probably remind waiters that bartenders are valuable allies in the quest for great service and they should be cherished for their craft.

So I’m happy to add a new blog to my blog roll, and a new category to boot.

A Tip From the Bartender is a well-written and entertaining look at your friendly neighborhood bartender. Sharp and stylish, the writer offers often sharp commentary on the daily grind of bartending and the situations that bartenders find themselves in.

I hope that you take the time to visit.

Let’s welcome our new bartender friend with a round of shots.

Image courtesy of “A Tip From the Bartender”