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Yes, dear friends…’s a new look.

I liked the old look except for the size of the font. It was just too small.

So I kept a similar look with a larger font.

I dropped all of those silly blog vanity badges (truth be told, I might bring a couple of them back at some point). There are now three footer areas, so check the bottom of the blog. I might keep tweaking this theme for a couple of days, so be alert for changes.

I’m not one for changing my blog nilly-willy. This is my 4th theme in a little over a year and a half. The first theme lasted a long time and the last two have been transitional themes, with me trying to simplify and yet making the blog look visually interesting. Not being an under-the-hood type, I’m sticking with prefabricated themes. I hope that this one sticks for a while. But, who knows – next week you might find me back to the previous theme…

Any long-time readers are welcome to weigh in.

Trying out a new theme

I really liked the old theme until I tried to view it on my mobile phone. I found it too dark to read as the colors rendered a lot darker than it does on a desktop.

I’ve also always been annoyed by the double-spacing, which makes for very long entries. I realize that if I had even the remotest ability with CSS, I could fix both problems, but since I don’t, I thought I’d try out a new, cleaner theme.

What do you folks think?  Do you prefer the old theme or the new one? I kind of like the cleaner design, but I also liked the classic parchment look of the other. I’m not much for random changes. I like when websites have a strong look and feel and I’ve become quite fond of the old theme. So I do this a bit haltingly.

If I keep the new one, I’ll have to go back and reformat many of the posts, which will be a pain in the ass. But I do it all for you, so I’m happy to do it. My peeps come first.