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And the insanity just goes on and on and on…

Darden sees potential for 1,000 more units

By Mike  Troy

New link added – Red Lobster Blog

Written by “Lobster Boy”, this blog is a great inside view of the highly corporate Red Lobster chain (now owned by Darden, they are one of the longest lasting “mid-market” chains in the country).

Under the “About Me” section, this passage:

“I’ve worked for Red Lobster for the better part of a decade. They used to care for their employees, now we’re just another warm body in their soulless corporation”. 

Despite this rather bleak assessment, it’s obvious that there’s some affection for the restaurant when you read the blog in toto. It’s a bleak hope for a better working environment, but sometimes you have to basically take this almost on faith. Whether it’s a new corporate directive about station size (which happened early in the life of the blog), to the most current posts about coupons and the lack of trust that corporate places in its waitstaff to process the coupons honestly, it’s always an entertaining read from someone who’s been with the company for years. For those who have never worked in a highly corporate environment, this will be a bit of an eye-opener. For those who have, there will be a lot of “Oh yeah, I’ve been there”.

This is actually one of the oldest waiter blogs out there. For some odd reason, it had always been on my backburner in terms of adding to ye olde blogroll. for that, I have a lot of regret, because it actually should have been one of the first that I added. I mean, ya gotta love someone who counts Red Lobster Training Videos along side Napoleon Dynamite and Office Space as his favorite movies. Right? Plus, as an added bonus, you get the occasional recipe and information on current promotions. What more could you ask for? Just don’t utter the words “endless shrimp” when you’re within earshot. ‘K?

So, let’s welcome Lobster Boy properly. Let’s have some champagne with our lobster, shall we? And no bloody coupons either.