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And speaking of the term waiter and Hooters Girls

From the “Hair Balls” section of The Houston Press:

Man Wants To Lick Hooters (In The Courtroom)

By Paul Knight
Fri., Jan. 9 2009 @ 3:44PM
Nikolai Grushevski, a man from Corpus Christi, has filed a lawsuit because Hooters wouldn’t let him work as a waiter, which we guess would be called a Hooters Boy.

“Hooters tries to circumvent the law by referring to its waiters as ‘Hooters Girls.’ Hooters is wrong,” claims the lawsuit, filed yesterday in federal court in Corpus. “Just as Southwest Airlines attempted nearly three decades ago with stewardesses, the waiter’s position addressed herein is being limited to females by an employer ‘…who merely wishes to exploit female sexuality as a marketing tool to attract customers and insure profitability.'”

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More on the Sparks Steak House settlement

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Photo by Jonathan Barth

Sparks Settles With Waiters for $3 Million

From the blog Grub Street New York:

Sparks Settles With Waiters for $3 Million

  • 10/23/09 at 11:05 AM

Alexandra Vallis 

Sparks Settles With Waiters for $3 MillionPhoto: Jennifer MacFarlane

It’s payday for waiters at Sparks: The steakhouse must award $3 million to around 200 servers who charged that they were shorted on pooled tips in a class-action lawsuit.

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