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Oldest continuously operated restaurant in the US

The honor of the oldest restaurant in the US that has always been open belongs to Boston’s Union Oyster House, only a few steps away from Fanueil Hall.  Opened in 1826, it is not the oldest restaurant in the US, but it’s the oldest that has never closed or moved from its original location.

I stumbled into the place in the late 80s almost by accident the one time that I found myself in Boston. Being by myself, I ate at the bar, where I met a lady that I hung out with that evening and kept a correspondence with and met again once during a trip to London when we found ourselves there at the same time (with me living in Germany and her living in New Hampshire, there was never any possibility of a serious relationship), but I’ll always have a fond feeling when I think of the Union Oyster House. I didn’t know of its history when I went in, but it was clear that it was a restaurant of great heritage.

If you find yourself in Boston, you should check it out.

Antoine’s in New Orleans is the oldest family run restaurant in America, having been opened in 1840. It’s now in its fifth generation. It even survived Katrina and thrives to this very day. It embodies the spirit of New Orleans and shouldn’t be missed.