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Spam comments

Just got finished deleting a bunch of spam.

There were a couple that were borderline.

If you really want your comments to get through, you might want to make it absolutely clear that you are commenting about a specific post. Some of the spam has gotten quite clever, so, once again, you should make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that you are responding to a specific post. Otherwise, your quite sincere comment might have been deleted by yours truly.

Oh yeah, no, there’s no Facebook or Twitter account linked to this blog.  So no, you can’t “follow me” or “friend me”. I’m already your friend.

About comments

Obviously, this blog is just like any other. It gets its share of spam, which is handled well by WordPress.

As a policy, I delete any spam that comes from a commercial website (especially those that have “undressed”, “nude”, “Viagra” and other commercial and exploitative ventures) while being obvious that it’s a bot trying to simulate a human trying to respond.

And the bots are getting more clever. It’s usually easy to tell when a “Great post” message generated is just that – generated to bypass the normal spam-judging criteria that a blog owner is likely to use to filter out such things.  However, they are starting to sound a little more detailed in order to make it appear that someone has actually read the post. I am not fooled by that.


I recognize that someone might actually read a post, like it and want to comment on it, but they do it while either posting from, or promoting their own website. That’s fine in my book. I don’t mind people promoting their own website (unless it’s porn or some phishing-type site, generic pharmaceutical clearinghouse or hate-mongering type site).


If you happen to post from your own commercial site or you promote such a site, your comments will be added if you make it absolutely clear that you have read the post and your comment is relevant to the post, whether you agree with it or not. Otherwise, it goes on the virtual cutting room floor. If you are able to design some sort of artificial intelligence bot that mines information from a post and cleverly constructs a comment that seems relevant, well, I guess that’s my problem.

The best thing is to comment and add your website as a link as either a sig or as a discrete link and not have it as part of your pseudonym (that’s the first thing I look for when doing manual sifting through my spam folder). That might be impossible for some of you, so you need to go the extra mile to assure me through the language in your comment that you are a real person, sitting in a real room making real comments on a post.

That is all. You may now return to your regular programming.