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New link added – Tips On Improving Your Tips

Be an early adopter to this new WordPress blog.

But only if you want to improve your tips.

It’s pretty cool so far. You’ll find it a nice companion to this very blog, especially since it’s a lot more tightly edited than mine.

Some interesting concepts so far, some that I’ve covered in the past, others that are fresh. Anyone want to take odds on how many I steal for my own blog? <g>

It can’t help but help you explore new ways to approach your table.

Let’s welcome our newest member of Ye Olde Blogroll with a hearty IPA and a big pretzel!

Big bucks.

Get it? Big bucks.

I crack myself up sometimes…

One response to “New link added – Tips On Improving Your Tips

  1. tipsfortips April 18, 2010 at 11:01 am

    Thank you for the kind words and mention. I am taking a different angle with mine. There are a ton of things I know now that I didn’t when I started serving 15 years ago. I want to share that information with people just getting started to help them make more money now.

    We all know that restaurant companies in general fail miserably in training new servers. Most everything we do to make money didn’t come from a training manual, but from watching coworkers and trying to figure out why they make more money than we do. I am trying to write the kind of things that pick up where the training manuals leave off.

    Thanks again for reading and the mention. If I can figure out how to make one of those neat link boxes on the right hand side, I will get your blog in there. You got a couple good laughs out of me this morning.

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